Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I was a bit hesitant to return to the NCETC conference this year, because when I attended 5 or 6 years ago, it seemed more "techie" and not so much teachers showing other teachers how they used technology successfully in their classrooms. As my technology director pointed out, 5-6 years ago I was not as "techie" as I am now. When I think back to my first couple of years as a Media Coordinator, I had to label cords and the computers to hook them back up when they were moved. Now I am connecting projectors to computers (without labels), creating webpages, etc. and showing others how to do it and encouraging them to do it themselves. As I read over the preconference sessions available and the conference sessions, I became very excited over the offerings and understood what they were talking about! I don't know how to use all the technology, but I will know more about the various technologies and how to use some of them when I go back to my schools. I had hoped some of my teachers could come with me, so we could attend some sessions together and they could get excited about the possibilities of using technology in the classroom and we could improve our instruction with our students. I really enjoy these conferences now, and encourage all teachers to attend - when you see what is possible and that it really can work in your classroom, and you get excited - it really helps you get over the fear of technology and puts some of the passion back in your job!